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Session Fees

Young people -  £50 (40-45min, in person only).

Adults in person - £60 (50 min).  

Online psychotherapy - from £60.    

Please note: online psychotherapy sessions for those not in Northern Ireland are priced competitively in relation to my training and experience levels so as to remain accessible to those in genuine need while also being available for those seeking my specialism and willing to pay at a level commensurate to their own local rates and circumstances.


Clinical Supervision - starting at £60 per hour, rising according to specialism and in line with your local rates and circumstances.

Consultation - from £60 per hour (dependant on specialism and your local rates).


Group Supervision - from £40 (per session, based on a group of 4 UK based therapists meeting for 2 hours).

Initial Consultation - free (20 min online).

Longer sessions combining IFS or Sandplay and psychotherapy can be discussed and need to be planned in advance in order to protect everyone's time in my diary.   

Phone calls and report-writing are also billable on a pro-rata basis.

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