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Thank-you for visiting the Therapy with Siana website.  Making a decision about seeking therapy is a significant one and I hope that the information provided here will be helpful to you.

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Can therapy help me?

Some examples of why people come to see me include: relationship or family difficulties, trauma (particularly related to childhood experiences), identity issues (often related to neurodivergence and / or gender and sexual identity), anxiety, feeling low or depressed, life changes and transitions, low self worth. 

You may feel as though the “same old” dynamics and situations keep happening – different scenarios but the same familiar feelings and reactions.  Maybe you sense that there is something important you need to grasp hold of about yourself.  

I'm a qualified and accredited psychotherapist with 22 years' experience in this field.  Therapy works through the close attention we give to who you are at your core.  We support the healing and integration of the aspects of you which have been harmed, denied and suppressed.  This in turn helps aspects of you which have been over-working to keep this all this at bay to soften and change.  Your sense of clarity and focus grows through therapy, your confidence increases and your choices become more fulfilling.

I see you as a whole person doing the best you can to manage whatever life has dealt you.  I am fully aligned with the neurodiversity paradigm, firmly rejecting the medicalised view of autism and other neurodivergence as disordered.  I also welcome and prize members of the LGBTQIA+ community.  

I am trained in working with the nervous system and in safe trauma-informed practice. For those seeking a specific modality, I am also a Registered Jungian Sandplay Therapist and an Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist. I’ve been accredited with BACP since 2009, achieving my senior accreditation in 2020.

My office is in Carrickfergus, 12 miles along the coast from Belfast in Northern Ireland.  As well as working there in person, I work online.  I'm qualified and ensured to work with people worldwide with the exception of the US and Canada. 


*** Please note: my waiting list for online therapy is currently closed until further notice ***


Are you looking for a supervision experience which is a little bit - or a lot! - different?  Maybe you have a niche you are developing, a particular client group you want to learn more about, maybe you are training in one of the approaches I use ... or maybe you are simply curious and want to see what would emerge if you allowed yourself to step outside the norm?   


I have worked with neurodivergent people throughout my career, however it has only been in recent years that I have realised I am autistic myself.  This has been a key time period for me as things have fallen into place in a much more holistic way - both my challenges and my strengths.

I love working with fellow autistic people, ADHDers and other neurokin.  Many come to me while on their own journeys of self discovery, while others are further along the path but may be unlearning deficit based identifications and self concepts.      

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Know all the theories,
Master all the techniques,
But as you touch a human soul
be just another human soul.

Carl Jung

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